The music is like a door  to  new worlds, it gives me a chance to experience new adventures.




His interests have always been diverse — from computer music to folklore of ethnic jazz to symphonic concepts. I can identify several areas of his composing. The first direction — Experimental associated with computer programs. This — new methods of sound, sound processing and recording of musical thought. Another trend — the music of the traditional way of thinking. Here he writes in a variety of genres — symphonic and chamber works, choirs, music for movies, for piano and else. Also — vocal and piano lyrics, music «mood.» Composer creates beautiful and catchy melodies, which are served in a soft, «watercolor» sound. Since childhood Maksym enjoys folklore, exploring tools traditions of different peoples. His music translated elements Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar folklore. He is the author of ethnic musical projects — the Crimean Tatar, Iranian, Armenian, ethnic jazz. Rasim Ramazanov

Warsaw (2004) — Awards scholarships Minister of Culture of the Republic of Poland in the framework of the program «GAUDE POLONIA».

Maksym Shorenkov is very promising composer who in his young age has created a series of original works. An interesting feature is its «emotional irregularity 'ability to stay long (and keep the audience) to» specific energy, «which is given to him naturally, that» fills "his music sound stress. E.F. Stankovic

International Prize for poetry Tarkovsky and Cinematography was founded in 2007. The award is designed to support and develop the best examples of classic modern poetry,
and the revival of the best traditions of the author's artistic and documentary films.

He is fluent in all the means of modern musical composition, subtle sense of orchestral palette in his writings and tonally vivid language works sometimes having its origins as a Ukrainian, and in the Crimean Tatar folklore of. It is felt in such works as: Piano Concerto, Concerto for accordion and orchestra, piano sonata, sonata for bayan, quartets «Mountains of Crimea» and «Konushma». I.V.Scherbakov

Shorenkov Maksym Aleksandrovich is a composer, pianist and author of «SHORENKOV THREADS».

02.12.1978 born in Yevpatoria city (Ukraine, Crimea).

1994—1998 –P.I.Tchaikovsky Music College in Simferopol, piano department, Mrs. N.V.Yatskova class (Ukraine, Crimea).

1998—2003 –P.I.Tchaikovsky National Musical Academy of Ukraine, composition and orchestration department, Prof. I.V.Scherbakov class (Ukraine, Kyiv).

2003—2006 – Post-graduate course by P.I.Tchaikovsky National Musical Academy of Ukraine, composition and orchestration department, Prof. I.V.Scherbakov class (Ukraine, Kyiv).

2004 – becomes a member of the Composers Guild of Ukraine.

2005 –The grant of Ministry of Culture of the Polish Republic within the program «GAUDE POLONIA». Training course by Prof. Eugeniusza Knapika (composition), rector of K.Szymanoskiego Musical Academy (Katowice, Poland).

2000 – International Festival in Slovakia, city of Banska Bystrica. String quartet “Crimean Mountains”.

2002 – Prize winner of the All-Ukrainian Jazz Competition in Donetsk.

2002 –International Festival “Forum of youth music” in the city of Kyiv. Sonata “Through spheres” for piano and “Shorenkov Threads”.

2002 — International Festival “Musical premieres of a season” in Kyiv. Concert for button accordion (bayan) and orchestra.

2004 –XV International Festival “Kyiv Music Fest” in the city of Kyiv.

String quartet “Konushma”. 

2004 – Prize winner of the Festival “Biennale of actual arts of Ukraine” in the city of Kyiv. Concert for piano with orchestra.

2003 — International Jazz Festival devoted to Maksimilian Voloshyn in the city of Koktebel, Ukraine.

2003 — International Film Festival “Youth” in the city of Kyiv. Music for movies with Vera Kholodnaya starring.

2004 – International Festival of Silent Films in the city of Kyiv. Music for the movie “Leather dealer”, producer Nikolai Shpikovsky.

2004 — Theatre festivals in the city of Kyiv. Music for spectacles “Generation X”, “A dream at summer night”, “Violinist”.

2005 — “Koncert muzyki kameralnej I elektroakustycznej”, the city of Katowice, K.Szymanoskiego Musical Academy. Sonata “Through spheres” for piano and “Shorenkov Threads”.

2005 — “5 Letni Festiwal Muzyczny” Rycerka Gorna sonata “Returning” for grand piano and “SHORENKOV THREADS”.

2005 – “XIX Warsaw Music Encounters” in the city of Warsaw, within the bounds of Ukraine year in Poland. “Tkliwym dotknencem” for chamber orchestra “Orchestra of Novel Music”.

2005 – XVI International Festival “Kyiv Music Fest” in Kyiv.Sonata for a button accordion (bayan).

2006 — International Festival “Music premieres of a season” in the city of Kyiv. “With a Tender Touch” for a symphonic orchestra.

2006 – International Festival “Two days and two nights” in Odessa. Sonata “Proses spheres” for a grand piano and “SHORENKOV THREADS”. 

2006 – International Festival “New music New faeses”. Krakow. Poland. Sonata-poem for a grand piano and “SHORENKOV THREADS”.

2006 – International Film Festival “Youth”. Music for movies of George Albert Smith and James Williamson.

2007 – Prize winner of the International Competition in honor of E.S. Karamanov.

2007 – International Festival “50th Warsaw autumn”. Warsaw, Poland. “Gloria” for organ, string quartet and choir.

2009 – International Film Festival “Open night” in Kyiv. Music for the movie “Response to the prayer”.

2009 – International Festival “Kyiv Music Fest” in Kyiv. Trio “Haytarma”.

2010 – International Festival “Musical premiers of a season” in Kyiv. “The Lord’s prayer” for a mixed choir. TheSuiteforvioloncellosolo. TheSuiteforclarinetandpiano.

2010 — International Festival “Kyiv Music Fest” in Kyiv «Prayer in dreams» for piano, electronic music, shyning and Shorenkov Threads.

2010 — International Cinema Festival «Open Night» music for movie: «In 1933», «As dad and mom said goodbye in three rounds», «Autumn summer»,

2010 — International Prize. Arseny and Andrei Tarkovsky music for the film «Obstruction»

2010 — Grand Prix, an international festival KinoLev music for the film «Obstruction»

2010 — International Film Festival "Youth» XL. Music for films: «Long Walk — forever», «I wish you were»

2010 — The play «Dr. Roman» Kyiv Academy. Youth Theater on Lypky / Theatre for Young People

2011 — International Film Festival «Open Night» music for the film «Time to Go Home»

2011 — The play «Sophia» Vinnitsa Academic Drama Theatre named M.K.Sadovskoho

2012 — International Film Festival «Open Night» Music for the film «Goat»

2012 — Music for the film «Butterfly» National Dovzhenko Film Studio

2012 — The play «The Dream of a Ridiculous Man» National Academic Drama Theatre named after Ivan Franko

2013 — Music for the film «The point at the end of the novel» National Dovzhenko Film Studio

2013 — XIII Festival of classical and contemporary music «Musical constellation of Transcarpathia» FILAMENT

multimedia concert for piano and Shorenkov Threads

2014 — Member of the Jury of the International Competition in okalistov «From classic to modern.»

2015 — Performance «The Grand Strategists». Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theater. 

2016 — International Film Festival. Egypt. 

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