Shorenkov Threads” is the world’s only invention and it is considered a unique unforgettable experience. The piano strings color highlighted while vibrating, produce unusually beautiful live sounds. Concerts with Shorenkov’s threads are heard in the halls of the Ukraine on the famous stages in Europe.
Shorenkov Threads

An unforgettable experience in the unique game threads. Live wizard to touch the threads, creates an enchanting magic of sound.

FILAMENT SHOW — this is outstanding inventions and innovations Ukrainian composer Maxim Shorenkov presents new musical universe!
киномузыка апрель фейсбук - filament сжатый

Shorenkov Threads analyzed in the thesis the synthesis of artistic means in contemporary music as the achievements of modern Ukrainian culture. ( This is the cultural breakthrough, which we can be proud as a nation, and that can present Europe in the field of development of Ukrainian musical culture in the context of global trends.

Нити Шоренкова

 - the invention ( 1998 ) — has its own sound and presents new opportunities of sound instruments. Score and soundtrack website are copyrighted. Use without permission of the author is prohibited. Sonata « Krіz sphere» ( for piano and strings Shorenkova ) sounded at the international festival of the composer's "Forum of Youth Music " (2002) and the gallery " Improviz " (2003) as a performance " Labyrinth . " In 2006 at the international festival composer " Two days and the two nights " in Odessa. New work Sonata -Poem " Povernennya " sounded at the Center for Contemporary Art «Soviart» as a performance « LABYRINTH +» (2004) in Kiev as well as musical academy . K. Shimonovskogo and international festival in Rutserke (Poland) . Technique involves the knowledge and possession of not only the author's methods of sound production , but also existing : G.Kauella , D.Keydzha , B.Ferneyhou , Ch.Ayvza , Ya.Ksenakisa , Beria , S.Gubaydulina and others who M.Shorenkova in the works presented in a new aesthetic quality : this is due to the fact that the techniques used are not an end in itself , and not an end in itself their demonstration . On the contrary they are the embodiment of the idea for the bright work. A folded ones zvukotsvetoshumovye complexes — chords are the same palette of colors that is acoustically and visually opens established classical forms . And if the text can be traced themes and topics of classical forms , then on hearing these faces barely perceptible . ( Tsifrografiya — a mathematical matrix field organization , which presents system zvukotsvetoshumovyh complexes).

 - author Mark. Specially designed author symbolism. Graphical representation of sounds extracted by Thread Shorenkova; 1.36; 1.52, etc. — Time Attack zvukoshumovogo each complex in the score;

 - fixing the Lighting мf, f, sf,

 - classical notation of dynamics and colors of sound.





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