There is a difference between hearing music and realizing and feeling that it lives inside of you. When I start playing, the music bursts out, spouts the piano keys and overlays itself on notes. This way the melody of my soul is born.

Maxim Shorenkov’s Music School

We offer a novel individual approach
to music studying, based on the student’s abilities and preferences.

Maksym is able to inspire students, helping them achieve their goals and turns each lesson into an interesting story full of positive emotions and humor. His love for the synthesis of the arts is manifested in the latest teaching techniques. What better way to progress musically that learning alongside a master who has performed around the world. Maksym is not only friendly and patient, but also knows how to accurately determine the level of knowledge and abilities in his students. Considering each student as an individual and finding their strengths to develop an individual curriculum for the best learning. In addition, if you have never played music, but want to learn a favorite song or compose a gift for someone dear to you, Maksym will be able to teach you to play the piano in no time. What's more, you don't even have to leave the house to master the piano now! The only thing you need to have is a musical instrument and access to the Internet, as Maksym also conducts some of the best online lessons.


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