There is a difference between hearing music and realizing and feeling that it lives inside of you. When I start playing, the music bursts out, spouts the piano keys and overlays itself on notes. This way the melody of my soul is born.

Maxim Shorenkov’s Music School

We offer a novel individual approach
to music studying, based on the student’s abilities and preferences.

For professionals

If you are a professional and you wish to improve your performing or music creating skills we offer  master classes with the best teachers of Ukraine and Europe.

For everyone

If you want to surprise your loved ones with playing the piano but you've never studied music — the individual approach shortens  time to reaching your goals at any convenient time.

For children

Lessons  for kids are performed in a fun and playful way. Children are gently carried away to the wonderful world of music.

Being able to play the piano with ease and flair is the envy of many people. Imagine stroking the keys of a keyboard elegantly and producing your own pleasing sound. It can be mesmerizing to watch and listen. Gaining this power to express your emotions on the piano is possible if you choose the right teacher and dedicate enough of your time to improve. Giving this skill to a child means giving an irreplaceable gift. Piano playing will become part of who you are; it will define you and help you become a more confident, stable, and complete person because it will convince you that you are capable of achievement. Finally, piano playing is a skill that you will cherish for the rest of your life while gratifying and moving your listeners.

Choosing a piano teacher is a highly personal decision. You want someone who will inspire you and help you nurture a love for playing the piano. A good piano teacher is at once a friend, mentor, and teacher.

You’ll find bespoke and well developed tuition for all ages and abilities; unique and specialized method for everyone which utilizes various approaches to meet your innate musical aptitude and learning style. Maksym Shorenkov’s music lessons are bright and brilliant; talented and full of humor and wit. He is able to convey his enthusiasm and excitement for music to his students to help instill them with a desire to learn.

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