There is a difference between hearing music and realizing and feeling that it lives inside of you. When I start playing, the music bursts out, spouts the piano keys and overlays itself on notes. This way the melody of my soul is born.

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Maksym Shorenkov


Maksym Shorenkov — pianist, composer, teacher. Known for his passion for music, masterful playing technique, positive energy and unique influence on the audience. His concerts are listened to with fascination all over the world. Celebrities, politicians and even royalty have danced to his music. Maksym organizes highly professional concerts and shows that will forever remain in your memory.

He knows how to set the mood and ensure that everyone is having a good time, because his repertoire includes music from classical to incendiary disco! Maksym provides unique entertainment, which he develops individually for each event, making it truly elite.

THREADS MUSIC SHOW is an outstanding creation of Maksym. A concept using unique sound threads that make an unforgettable impression on the audience. He is like a magician who, by touching the threads, creates real magic through sound.

Maksym Shorenkov is a member of the Union of Composers of Ukraine. Musician on “The X -Factor”. Winner of the Tarkovsky Prize. He is the creator of numerous compositions for films, performances and musicals, many of which are successfully performed on the best stages across the world.


Best Fashion Awards

At the Fairmont Hotel the IV Ukrainian Prize award ceremony in fashion BEST FASHION AWARDS. The ceremony was accompanied by virtuoso playing on a white piano famous composer and pianist Maksim Shorenkova

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