There is a difference between hearing music and realizing and feeling that it lives inside of you. When I start playing, the music bursts out, spouts the piano keys and overlays itself on notes. This way the melody of my soul is born.

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Maksym Shorenkov


Maksym Shorenkov is a famous Ukrainian composer of classical and popular music, a music educator, conductor, songwriter and concert pianist, known for his innovative, avant-garde ideas of creating and appreciating music His concerts are always successful around the world. He is a participant and a winner of numerous national and international contests and festivals. 

He wrote, among others, symphonies, musicals, ballets, film scores and other stage works. He also wrote instrumental and vocal pieces, operas, orchestral works and other compositions using traditional and modern techniques. To both he brings the consummate skill and style of a trained musician and successfully combines popular and serious styles. His music appeals to listeners of all generations and backgrounds; genuinely bridging a gap between musical worlds which can often seem disconnected.

His compositions are aired in London and performed by symphony orchestras in Europe. Maksym works in different genres and directions. He writes music for artists in Europe, Russia and Ukraine and collaborates with famous performers as rapper «SERYOGA», Nikolay Baskov Vladimir Grishko, Montserrat Caballie.

Shorenkov is also an author of sound production new methods— Shorenkov Colorful Threads.

Show “Shorenkov Magic Threads” is the world’s only invention, it is considered a unique unforgettable experience. The piano strings color highlighted while vibrating, produce unusually beautiful live sounds.  The electronic instrument “Magic Threads” also highlights the threads with color depicting “musical color hearing”, but the nature of the sound is originally different. 

Shorenkov graduated from the Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine where he studied composition and orchestration and then finished the Academy graduate school.  Later he received a scholarship of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Poland Republic in the framework of “Gaude Polania” and was trained at the Karol Szymanowski Music Academy (Poland). Shorenkov is a Member of the National Union of Composers of Ukraine.

 He was nominated and won the Tarkovsky Foundation Award. 

In 2015, Maksym has created the music for the play “The Grand Strategists” based on the novel “The Twelve Chairs” by I. Ilf, I. Petrov, premiered by Ivan Franko Ukrainian National Drama Theatre. He uses the actual melodies of the old times, but mostly through his unique harmonic style along with music written especially for each character. So Shorenkov’s music speaks to the spectators with familiar notes and styles as well as harmonically touches and connects every scene.

 Shorenkov is widely known as a piano virtuoso in our days, with a powerful and filled with the joy of music playing style. He has a wonderfully poetic and noble way of playing, capturing the audience with his unique emotional pressure.

Uniting all of Shorenrkov's musical activity is his deep fascination with Ukrainian culture, landscape and territory. Shorenkov grew up in multicultural atmosphere of Crimea. His earliest years were colored by the sound of traditional music played by Ukrainian and Russian musicians. Later exiled Crimean Tatars began returning to their homeland and brought their music with them. Since childhood Maksym enjoys folklore. He explores folk musical instruments and music traditions. His music translates elements of Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar folklore. The traditional arts of Ukraine today have plenty of new growth. Shorenkov who is working within that traditional idiom has plenty to say to listeners about big issues of modern Ukrainian life. He speaks of humanity, inhumanity, of war, peace, morality, love, environment, work, place, family, nation, community. He tends to do so from firm local roots, but looking outwards and forwards. He begins with the local, works out to the national, and aims from there for the global.






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Best Fashion Awards

At the Fairmont Hotel the IV Ukrainian Prize award ceremony in fashion BEST FASHION AWARDS. The ceremony was accompanied by virtuoso playing on a white piano famous composer and pianist Maksim Shorenkova


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Our team is always ready to pick the best musicians, create a repertoire or write the original music. Classical, jazz and European hits will give you a good mood and create the enjoyable atmosphere at any event.


The talent show «X-Factor»

The 2nd round is one of the toughest. Performers have to learn a new song during one night, and the pianist has to learn the repertoire of all contestants in all the variety of styles and directions of music. His task is to help them to perform best. The singer’s success depends in many instances on pianist’s mastership! Literally, its breathing in unison with the contestants and also a tremendous excitement and responsibility.

Maxim Shorenkov has helped a lot of talents on their way to fame!


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